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  La Douce  
    Museum, Tokyo (2002)

‘Who are you?’ asked the lover the unknown beauty. And she took him to a journey.

He saw Amor ‘s helpers, the angles of love - the angles of death, aiming their bows to their next victim, sending their arrows in the center of a heart, suddenly and unexpected and turn the whole world round. He saw this child, half way to be a woman, sweet, innocent and shy, playful but true, overcome by the sweet death. He saw a girl, lonely and sad, waiting for the lover who never came. He saw a woman on her search for her next bag. And he saw many more, the happy and the mad, the light and the abused, the satisfied and the addicted, the jealous, the empty, the confused, the cold and the suicide. And when he woke up again and saw her face he realized that all of them were one; she the unknow beauty.
Choreography   DaniMayu  
Dance   DaniMayu Aya Ooshima
    Cinzia Neri Yoko Honaga
CostumeDesign   DaniMayu  
Music / Sound   Joan Anderson (Flute)
    J-Lha (Sound)